The EU’s Response To Facebook’s Threat To Pull Out Of Europe? Go Ahead, Because We don’t Care…

Yesterday Meta/Facebook made a threat to pull out of Europe if they don’t get the right to process data belonging to Europeans on US based servers. It was a curious threat and I wondered what the EU would say to that.

I now have my answer:

“After being hacked I’ve lived without Facebook and Twitter for four years and life has been fantastic,” German Economy Minister Robert Habeck told reporters at an event alongside French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire in Paris on Monday. 

“I can confirm that life is very good without Facebook and that we would live very well without Facebook,” Le Maire added. “Digital giants must understand that the European continent will resist and affirm its sovereignty.” 

The pair were responding to comments in Meta’s annual report published Thursday, warning that if it couldn’t rely on new or existing agreements to shift data, then it would “likely be unable to offer a number of our most significant products and services, including Facebook and Instagram, in Europe.”

The European Union “is such a big internal market with so much economic power that if we act in unity we won’t be intimidated by something like this,” Habeck said.

Well, if Meta/Facebook were thinking that the EU would bow to its will, this suggests that they might have played that wrong. And that maybe they might have to play nice with the EU, or at least rethink it’s strategy as clearly, threats aren’t going to work.

One Response to “The EU’s Response To Facebook’s Threat To Pull Out Of Europe? Go Ahead, Because We don’t Care…”

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