Facebook Attacks Google Over “Unfair Advantages”

Meta/Facebook has been whining to anyone who will listen about Apple’s App Transparency as it is going to cost them $10 Billion this year. Now in a Bloomberg report, it seems that they’re starting to whine about Google as well:

The Facebook owner is alleging Alphabet Inc.’s Google, which also sells personalized ads on iPhones, has an unfair advantage under Apple’s new policies. Apps including Facebook have to ask users if they consent to being tracked, but Google’s search results and browser don’t — causing some advertisers’ budgets to shift to Google for more effective targeting.

You know, they kind of have a point if that’s true. Though I question if that is true based on this:

Last year, Google said it wouldn’t prompt consumers about data collection because, after Apple’s change, it decided not to use any of the data on iPhones that would require permission.

Google also doesn’t need the kind of data Facebook does from third parties in order to make its ads work. It runs its own mobile operating system, Android, and its own ad exchanges. When users make a search, their intention provides enough data to advertise to them effectively across Google-owned properties, which may incentivize marketers to move their ad budgets to Google as opposed to Facebook.

Regardless of what the truth actually is, Meta/Facebook is sure ticked off over the loss of revenue. Because that’s what this is really about. I for one will be interested to see this catches the interest of regulators, or are Meta/Facebook the angry old man screaming at clouds in the sky as their revenue plummets.

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