GRIMM Appoints Cybersecurity Industry Expert Jennifer Tisdale As CEO

GRIMM, a pioneering cybersecurity organization led by industry experts who view technology threats through the view of an attacker, today announced the appointment of Jennifer Tisdale as CEO. Prior, Tisdale served as GRIMM’s Senior Principal, Cyber-Physical Systems Security.

Tisdale is a cyber-economics strategist recognized for building cybersecurity strategies and programs for industry, government, and academia. Her expertise has been concentrated on the security of connected, Cyber-Physical Systems, technologies and her portfolio include expertise for Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Smart Cities development and planning, Critical Infrastructure, and Advanced Transportation Mobility including Connected & Automated Vehicles, Aerospace, and the securing of unmanned military platforms. 

Previously, Tisdale is recognized for holding the first “mobility” job in the United States, serving as the Cyber-Mobility program strategist for the State of Michigan. Her work created the foundation for Michigan’s economic strategy to band together automotive, defense and aerospace industries with embedded systems cybersecurity, charting a new economic development path for the state. In 2018, Tisdale was voted one of SC Magazine’s “Women to Watch” in Cybersecurity, and is an advocate for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry. She values partnerships and the need to build trust in a zero-trust world. 

Tisdale volunteers with several non-profit organizations and takes an active role working with K12 school districts, encouraging students to embrace cybersecurity education for embedded systems for a variety of career paths and capabilities. She resides in metro-Detroit with her family. 


  1. National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), National, Washington D.C., Security Systems Engineering Sub-Committee, 2021-Present
  2. National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Michigan Chapter, Board Member – Cybersecurity Director, 2017-Present
  3. Advanced Manufacturing HUB (AMHUB), World Economic Forum, Cyber Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), 2020-Present
  4. SME, Smart Manufacturing Executive Committee, 2021-Present
  5. Policy Advisor, State of Michigan, Office of Future Mobility & Electrification, State of Michigan, 2021-Present

GRIMM is a pioneering cybersecurity organization led by industry experts who view technology threats through the view of an attacker. The company’s practice demonstrates the impact of security risks and provides the technical solutions to address top risks. GRIMM’s expertise is built on operational experience solving advanced cybersecurity problems. For more, go to

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