Turing – Tech’s Latest Unicorn Supports International Women’s Day

Earlier this year, Turing launched their community focused on supporting the careers of global software developers. According to HackerRank’s Women in Tech Report, approximately 7% of professional software developers are women. The report explains that while women are disproportionately less likely to enter the software development field, women are being exposed to coding and engineering at an increasingly younger age. “Gen Z women are coding at a younger age than generations before them — almost 1 out of 3 Gen Z women learned to code before they were 16 years old, compared to 18% of women from previous generations.”

To honor International Women’s Day, Turing Community is celebrating the achievements of women in tech – particularly those in software development and engineering. 

On March 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th, Turing Community is hosting a global event aimed at celebrating and uplifting female voices, supporting their professional growth, and providing resources for women in tech to find career success alongside work-life balance. Notable event panelists will include Janet Kramer, Field CTO and Strategic Account Executive at Microsoft, Erica Lockheimer, VP of Engineering at LinkedIn, and Asselsandra Sala, President of WomenInAI and Shutterstock.

The Turing community is also partnering with industry leaders, specifically female influencers and leading tech voices, such as Anubha Maneshwar, Founder of GirlScript Foundation, to support the message of empowerment for women in software development. Maneshwar will lead the Diversity, inclusion and Equality session on the 10th. 

To join or learn more about the International Women’s Day events, visit: https://community.turing.com/events/details/turing-women-in-tech-presents-womenintechweek/

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