Facebook Cut Off By Russia

It’s rare that I will come to the defence of Facebook. But this situation makes me actually come to the defence of Facebook:

Russia’s communications agency Roskomnadzor announced Friday that it is blocking access to Facebook in Russia. It cited 26 cases of “discrimination against Russian media and information resources by Facebook” since October 2020, in addition to the more-recent restrictions Facebook has placed on Russian state media outlets.

So in other words, Facebook is being cut off because Russia doesn’t like what is on their platform. And they don’t like the fact that Facebook cut off Russian state media outlets. So Russia is retaliating.

Boo… Hoo… Hoo.

I’m guessing that people in Russia aren’t too thrilled with Vladimir Putin starting this war and his cronies are trying to alter the narrative by cutting off the outside world. In effect, they’re trying to party like it’s 1969 and they’re in the Soviet Union. And if you don’t go along with the narrative, expect to get 15 years in jail.

Facebook isn’t the problem here. Russia is. But of course, you knew that.

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