Reddit Goes Further In Terms Of Banning Russian Disinformation

Earlier this week I posted a story about what Reddit was doing to fight Russian disinformation. At the time I said this based on the fact that Reddit was only hiding Russian subreddits rather than deleting them:

Frankly an outright nuking of the subreddits in question would be better as the potential for disinformation to spread still exists due to the fact that the subreddits in question still exist. But I guess this option is better than doing nothing.

I guess Reddit must have heard that from a lot of places as this Tweet appeared yesterday:

You can read the blog post in full here. But here’s some of what Reddit is doing now:

  • It has banned users from posting links to any Russian state-supported media outlets. The rule doesn’t apply to a specific subreddit and instead covers the whole website, and applies to all users globally.
  • Reddit also clearly states that it will not allow any advertisements that “target Russia or originate from any Russia-based entity, government or private” on its platform.

Reddit also says this:

This is a live situation, and our response is evolving every day as we gain new information. The measures above are not a complete or final list of what we’re doing, but we hope it provides some insight into our efforts right now. Reddit, at its core, is about community, and we will continue to do whatever we can to ensure that our platform remains available for people to connect, support each other, access reliable information, and express their authentic opinions and feelings during this difficult time. 

My feeling is that Reddit needs to do more. And we will likely see more from Reddit in the coming days.

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