Charities & Aid Organizations In Ukraine Attacked With Malware: Amazon

This morning I was directed to this post from Amazon who has been putting in a lot of effort and money to help the people of Ukraine. This part of the post caught my attention:

For several weeks, we have been partnering closely with Ukrainian IT organizations to fend off attacks and working with organizations in Ukraine, and around the world, to share real-time, relevant intelligence. As a result, our teams have seen new malware signatures and activity from a number of state actors we monitor. As this activity has ramped up, our teams and technologies detected the threats, learned the patterns, and placed remediation tools directly into the hands of customers. As always, our teams are constantly learning from the intelligence we collect to continue evolving protections for our infrastructure. We employ a ‘follow the sun’ model where our teams track new threat intelligence 24/7 and are able to quickly respond to issues. Our security teams are sharing this intelligence with governments and IT organizations that we partner closely with from Europe, North America, and around the world to equip critical infrastructure owners and operators with additional information to protect their facilities.

While we are seeing an increase in activity of malicious state actors, we are also seeing a higher operational tempo by other malicious actors. We have seen several situations where malware has been specifically targeted at charities, NGOs, and other aid organizations in order to spread confusion and cause disruption. In these particularly egregious cases, malware has been targeted at disrupting medical supplies, food, and clothing relief. We’ll continue to work hard to protect these customers and will continue to work closely with them as they carry out their much-needed work to help those impacted by this terrible conflict.

The fact that someone, presumably Russian and Belarusian threat actors are targeting charities, NGO’s and other aid organizations is completely reprehensible. I am glad that Amazon is stepping up to help defend these groups and I hope that other companies will do the same thing. I also hope that at some point in the future that the people behind these attacks are hunted down and brought to justice.

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