BenQ Introduces InstaShow Wireless Presentation System

 BenQ is ensuring meeting participants can present a wealth of content from a variety of sources — including the latest USB-C-enabled laptops — affordably, easily, and quickly with the new InstaShow S WDC20C wireless presentation system (WPS). The plug-and-play WDC20C features USB-C connectivity, zero software or driver downloads, AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2 authentication, HDCP, and mobile compatibility for up to 32 collaborators with four simultaneous connections, sharing to a display for incredibly streamlined meetings and presentations.

Simple Meetings Means No Software or Apps
Today’s meeting rooms and classrooms are collaboration hubs bustling with new ideas and content that shape innovation and successful learning. Every minute is critical. To make sharing those ideas and content ultra simple and fast, InstaShow eliminates the need to download software or apps, or run updates. Even guests to the organization are free to join and collaborate by simply plugging the InstaShow button into their laptop. With a simple tap, meetings start immediately, and participants can sit anywhere in the room. 

Truly Flexible and Intuitive Meetings
InstaShow extends its barrier-free approach with several unique features. Along with standard notebooks and mobile devices, it’s the only WPS system that can be directly connected to Chromebooks, which is a big advantage for schools and companies that have adopted Chromebooks as a standard platform. InstaShow can also plug into other HDMI sources, including Blu-Ray players, digital cameras, digital microscopes, or medical imaging devices for easy wireless sharing. In addition, InstaShow is one of the few wireless presentations that supports using HDCP copy-protected content. 

With built-in support for extended desktop, users can look at notes and upcoming slides during the presentation without any additional software uploads to support the function. Finally, InstaShow’s latest models are interoperable with any interactive display, thanks to the fact that it uses native HDMI and USB connections and protocols to wirelessly communicate with the display. InstaShow S also features Touch Back, allowing users to control the laptop, annotate, and manage the presentation directly from the interactive display. 

All these capabilities give corporations and educational facilities an affordable and more robust upgrade path compared to installing new cabling, a video distribution system, and/or displays in the room. Unlike other WPS options on the market, InstaShow doesn’t require yearly licensing fees. Organizations can save thousands and scale to the required number of rooms or classrooms needing screen sharing capabilities in minutes. 

Primed for the Future
As USB-C becomes the definitive interface for all consumer electronics, BenQ’s InstaShow WDC20C WPS features one hassle-free USB-C connector. This provides users with the benefits of faster data transmission rates, high-resolution image quality, speedy power delivery, along with compatibility with a growing range of devices. 

Once users plug in the WDC20C and tap the button, they’re ready to present. The system allows up to 32 buttons — the highest of any network-free WPS — with four users able to share content to the display device simultaneously. Mobile device users can either connect via the WDC20C button or wirelessly connect using Apple Airplay, Miracast, or the BenQ InstaShare™ app, available for Android and iOS. 

With industry-leading technology requiring no software for installation and no driver for execution, InstaShow blocks potential routes of malware, viruses, or external threats. Advanced AES 128-bit security encryption and the WPA2 authentication protocol ensure that any intellectual property remains private and safe from tampering or unintended disclosure, guaranteeing that presentations are absolutely secure. Plus, it operates on an autonomous network, which transmits data securely without connecting to the organization’s primary network. This design prevents traffic flowing over Wi-Fi from being intercepted and valuable data from being stolen in an unsecure Wi-Fi environment. Because it is equipped with an advanced wireless router system that delivers up to 60 frames per second video, IT departments can rest assured content will always be easily and smoothly shared without constant training, bandwidth concerns, or help desk calls. 

More information on the full line of BenQ WPS is available at

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