Executives From GRIMM Provide Commentary On International Women’s Day #breakthebias

Today as you know is International Women’s Day. Thus I thought it would be an ideal time to bring some perspectives from three executives from Cybersecurity company GRIMM:

Jennifer Tisdale, CEO:

We need more diversity in this industry. Simply put, if everyone in the industry looks the same, grew up the same, received their education from the same universities we will never achieve the ultimate diversity goal — diversity of thought and problem-solving ability. We need to start talking to and encouraging our young ladies while they are children. Middle school is the age most educators say they begin to lose girls from STEM programs. More encouragement, more representation in their lives, redefining what a career in a STEM field means and all the different interpretations of what this will mean in the future will be incredibly important. We are not very inclusive when we talk about STEM careers. It usually involves engineering jobs, but the truth is STEM careers take many forms. I’ll illustrate using the example of cars. As cars become more automated, and at some point autonomous, we are having discussions about the importance of psychology professionals in the field to help write ethical code. Other sciences and arts will evolve the cyber industry and we need more of everyone, but especially women to be in this field.

Naki Carter, Marketing Director:

I love this year’s “Break the Bias” theme for Women’s History Month, which promotes gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. It also highlights the deliberate or unconscious bias that has prevented women from excelling professionally. All young girls and women should feel empowered to become digital pioneers and pursue careers in tech and cybersecurity. While amplifying diverse voices sounds excellent in principle, and the business benefits are astounding, a cultural shift towards a fair and equitable workplace is easier said than done. Why? Because it’s a change in mindset that requires embracing vulnerabilities, acknowledging stereotypes, and committing to take immediate action on corporate initiatives. Cybersecurity companies like GRIMM are being intentional about making a positive difference through inclusive hiring practices and promoting equity in all facets of the company culture. GRIMM also has some of the most progressive allies who champion DEI. I encourage technology leaders to prioritize seeking innovative ideas and minds to disrupt the technology landscape positively. Together, if we leverage power for good, we can #BreakTheBias.

Dana Bridges, Talent Acquisition Manager: 

As a female Talent Acquisition Manager in cybersecurity, I feel I have a fiduciary responsibility to advocate for female candidates and set them up for success. In my role at GRIMM, I prioritize recruiting top talent and positioning them where they can grow, thrive, and belong. As the company’s front line to the workforce, I see shocking instances every day where women sell themselves short, from their salary requirements to their skillsets. I’m here to help #breakthebias by showing women their worth, applauding their success, and encouraging them to shatter right through those glass ceilings. This is the lens through which we operate, and it’s one of many reasons I’m proud to work at GRIMM.

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