A Quick Conversation With Jack Koziol Of Infosec

Last week I got the opportunity to speak with Jack Koziol who is the CEO of Infosec. What is cool about Infosec is that they are really invested in training people in terms of IT & Security. Because it’s super important that everyone be aware of the risks and threats that exist due to threat actors that are out there who will take advantage of any weakness that they find.

One question that I had was if colleges and universities are missing the boat when it comes to getting people fully trained up in IT security. From a Canadian perspective, there are only a handful of degree programs based on a search that I did prior to the interview. What I did find was there were courses. Mr. Koziol noted that not a whole lot has changed. Back in his day, the closest thing to information security courses was a cryptography course. Which is just math at the end of the day. I have to admit that I laughed at that because when I was in university, it was the same thing. So clearly to make the world a safer place when it comes to information security, university need to up their game.

My next question was diversity. Does information security need diversity to thrive. According to Mr. Koziol the answer is yes. The more voices that come to the table that have diverse backgrounds makes us all safer. Related to that, my final question was getting people who are under 18 into information security. Back in my day, you got into information security by breaking the law and then becoming famous. A good example of this is Kevin Mitnick. Mr. Koziol agrees that needs to change by redirecting youth into information security so that they don’t have to do something extreme to break into the industry.

While this was a quick 15 minute conversation, it was an interesting conversation. I’d like to thank Mr. Koziol for his time for this interview.

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