In A Significant Escalation, Russia Is Trying To Get Facebook And Instagram Labeled As Extremist

Russian prosecutors have asked a court to ban Meta Platforms’s Facebook and Instagram as “extremist,” Interfax reported, the latest move in a growing crackdown on social networks:

Authorities blocked access to Facebook last week under a new media law, but the “extremist” designation, if approved by a court, would effectively criminalize all of Meta’s operations in Russia. The company’s Instagram app would also be blocked. The move comes amid increasing tension between Moscow and U.S. tech companies. Earlier Friday, the speaker of the lower house of parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, called on prosecutors to investigate Meta after Reuters reported that the company had temporarily eased internal restrictions on calling for violence against Russian soldiers due to the invasion of Ukraine. Russia has already banned certain social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, while tech companies have demonetized Russian state-sponsored media and blocked them in Europe.

And it looks like this may have already started:

This is a major escalation in Putin’s fight against social networks who have posts that he doesn’t agree with. Though this story from earlier today has me thinking that this may not be all bad. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

One Response to “In A Significant Escalation, Russia Is Trying To Get Facebook And Instagram Labeled As Extremist”

  1. […] This is likely in response to things like Facebook allowing people in a handful of countries around Russia to post things like death threats on Facebook. Which led to attempts by the Russian Government to brand Facebook and Instagram “extremist”. […]

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