Samsung Appears To Be Rolling Out A Fix For Their Throttling Issues…. But It May Already Be Too Late

You might recall that Samsung was caught throttling everything but benchmark apps by users of their phones. They ultimately kind of, sort of admitted to it without actually admitting to it. And they promised a fix.

XDA Developers spotted reports from Galaxy S22 series users in South Korea who received an update that adds a “Game Performance Management Mode” to the Game Booster app. That’s the piece of software responsible for the throttling. But the damage may be done as Geekbench last week delisted a whole whack of Samsung phones:

Geekbench told us it plans to delist the entire Galaxy S22 series from the Geekbench Browser effective today, along with all S21, S20, and S10 devices. Galaxy Note and A-series devices will remain unchanged, as they do not appear to be impacted in testing. This move comes after reports that One UI 4’s GOS software throttles thousands of apps to maintain performance and improve battery life. In our independent testing, we confirmed a significant reduction in performance when spoofing Genshin Impact.

The lesson that Samsung should take from this is that screwing with benchmarking tests, and getting caught doing so will always end badly for you 100% of the time. As is the case here as Samsung’s claims about performance are going to be treated with suspicion going forward because of this whole episode.

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