Tile Launches Their Own Anti Stalking Features

Tile has announced their Scan and Secure feature. Which is their version of what Apple has done to discourage the use of AirTags as tracking devices in situations like stalking. This feature allows anyone to check for the presence of Tile devices in close proximity to them that don’t belong to them. Instructions on how to use it can be found here, and it can be used by anyone simply by downloading the Tile app. I took a look at the instructions and it seems a bit of a chore to use. I say that because of this:

The scan requires you to walk/move or drive a certain distance away from your original location (the feature does not work properly if you circle around one location, such as walking inside your home). Your safety while completing the Scan and Secure feature is very important to us. Please use caution while walking/moving/driving when using the feature. If you choose to drive during the scan, please avoid looking at your phone while driving.

Once started, the scan will continue and your phone will not go ‘to sleep’. When the scan is complete, please park your car in a safe place before reviewing the results.  If you choose to walk or use a bike (or any similar transportation mode such as a scooter) while running the scan, please remain aware of your surroundings and be careful around traffic.

That really sounds like any user who thinks that they might have an unwanted Tile tracker on their person has to hop through hoops to confirm or deny that. And I truly wonder if this will truly work as designed as Apple’s solution to this problem seems way more elegant. The only way to find out is to test this for myself. Now I checked my Tile app and I didn’t have this feature. But it is apparently rolling out over the next couple of weeks. Thus when I do get it, I’ll test this out and let you know how well this works or doesn’t work. Stay tuned for that.

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