You Should #DeleteFacebook Because It Continues To Get A Failing Grade When It Comes To Detecting And Stopping Hate Against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim Minority

Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim population has been forced out of the country and into refugee camps elsewhere. Assuming that they aren’t killed first. And Facebook over the years has been proven to have played a significant role in that happening. You’d think that they would do something about that. But clearly not as this report shows that Facebook appears not to be even trying to do anything about this:

The report shared exclusively with The Associated Press showed the rights group Global Witness submitted eight paid ads for approval to Facebook, each including different versions of hate speech against Rohingya. All eight ads were approved by Facebook to be published. The group pulled the ads before they were posted or paid for, but the results confirmed that despite its promises to do better, Facebook’s leaky controls still fail to detect hate speech and calls for violence on its platform. The army conducted what it called a clearance campaign in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state in 2017 after an attack by a Rohingya insurgent group. More than 700,000 Rohingya fled into neighboring Bangladesh and security forces were accused of mass rapes, killings and torching thousands of homes.

On Feb. 1 of last year, Myanmar’s military forcibly took control of the country, jailing democratically elected government officials. Rohingya refugees have condemned the military takeover and said it makes them more afraid to return to Myanmar. Experts say such ads have continued to appear and that despite its promises to do better and assurances that it has taken its role in the genocide seriously, Facebook still fails even the simplest of tests — ensuring that paid ads that run on its site do not contain hate speech calling for the killing of Rohingya Muslims.

This is pathetic. If it wasn’t clear before that Mark Zuckerberg and his Meta minions don’t care and don’t take this issue seriously, it should be clear now. Because for Facebook it’s all about the money that they can make and not the damage that they cause. This is another reason why Facebook has no place in a civilized society and everyone should simply #DeleteFacebook.

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