Kaspersky Is Under Pressure On Multiple Fronts

Russian security company Kaspersky is not having a good time of it since Russia invaded Ukraine. Currently Germany has suggested that German companies dump Kaspersky products. And when that happened, I said this:

These accusations are not new as Kaspersky has been in the crosshairs of various countries because they are a Russian company. But given the current political climate, and the likelihood that this warning will be echoed by the US and other countries, it is safe to say that Kaspersky is in trouble. And I would go further to say that they will not survive this.

Guess what? The US has waded into this as Kaspersky has been added to the Covered List. That means that they are seen to be an unacceptable risk to U.S. national security. Kaspersky services covered by this decision include information security products, solutions, and services supplied by Kaspersky or any linked companies, including subsidiaries or affiliates.

That’s not good. But this is just as bad. HackerOne has announced that it has kicked Kaspersky’s bug bounty program off its platform. HackerOne has posted this in a FAQ regarding sanctions against Russia published last week. And this was confirmed via a Tweet from Kaspersky:

Kaspersky now asks researchers who find vulnerabilities in its products to report them using its self-hosted bug bounty program. I am not sure that I would want to participate in that seeing as they are Russian. But if you do want to participate, you do you.

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