Lapsus$ Is Back And The Pwnage Has Begun Again

Cleary the arrest of alleged members of Lapsus$ hasn’t slowed the group down. I say that because after what they claim is a “vacation”, which could be a reference to the arrests, The Verge is reporting that they’ve done a 70GB data dump:

After a short “vacation,” the Lapsus$ hacking gang is back. In a post shared through the group’s Telegram channel on Wednesday, Lapsus$ claimed to have stolen 70GB of data from Globant — an international software development firm headquartered in Luxembourg, which boasts some of the world’s largest companies as clients.

Screenshots of the hacked data, originally posted by Lapsus$ and shared on Twitter by security researcher Dominic Alvieri, appeared to show folders bearing the names of a range of global businesses: among them were delivery and logistics company DHL, US cable network C-Span, and French bank BNP Paribas.

Also in the list were tech giants Facebook and Apple, with the latter referred to in a folder titled “apple-health-app.” The data appears to be development material for Globant’s BeHealthy app, described in a prior press release as software developed in partnership with Apple to track employee health behaviors using features of the Apple Watch. Neither Apple not Globant responded to a request for comment at time of publication.

Now this hack could have been done by the group before the arrests went down and posted today. Or this is a brand new hack. Or it could be a different group of people claiming to be Lapsus$. It isn’t clear. We’ll have to wait and see in the coming days as this unfolds. But one thing is clear, Lapsus$ or someone claiming to be Lapsus$ is back.

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