Craig Newmark Serves Up $50 Million To Create A Cyber Civil Defense 

Here’s an interesting initiative. Craig Newmark of craigslist fame on Monday promised a major investment in the cybersecurity community and public cyber education by serving up more than $50 million towards what he called a Cyber Civil Defense. This was announced on Twitter:

A press release was also part of this announcement. Here’s a section of it:

CNP’s funding will support efforts to raise public awareness of threats and online security choices, in addition to the creation of online tools and digital infrastructure that help secure the country’s networks. The effort will also include programming aimed at developing a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce capable of meeting the technical challenges ahead.

“American and western democracy are at risk,” said Craig Newmark. “As individuals, we’re also under attack. We need to work together to protect each other and democratic ideals in the digital world.”

I think that this will make a difference. So does Allen Drennan, Co-Founder & CTO, Lumicademy:

“Lately, breaking news of meeting provider and remote learning breaches have made it clear that mainstream vendors of these products are not compliant. This significant gift will give consumers a better chance at solid privacy, security and control when implementing a learning or meeting platform that involves more than basic privacy.”

If we want to be safe online, all of us have to participate in being part of the solution. The $50 million that Newmark has served up will help to kickstart the solution becoming a reality.

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