Musk Considering Bringing In Partners To Help Him to Buy Twitter

This keeps getting better and better. Elon Musk is apparently come up with a new plan involving partners which could be announced within days according to a NYPost report:

One possibility, the sources said: teaming with private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners, which was planning to co-invest with him in 2018 when he was considering taking Tesla private.

Silver Lake’s Co-CEO Egon Durban is a Twitter board member and led Musk’s deal team during the 2018 failed effort to take Tesla private, sources said. Silver Lake declined to comment.

Whether Musk would present Twitter with an entirely new offer — perhaps raising his current bid — or whether new partners would simply go in on a purchase with him isn’t clear. A Musk spokesperson declined to comment.

And about that “poison pill” strategy that Twitter has adopted. Well, he’s got a plan for that too:

For its part, Twitter on Friday adopted a so-called poison pill — a corporate move that prevents Musk from acquiring more than 15% of the company.

But that pill may not stop other entities or people from acquiring their own shares of up to 15% of the company. Those owners could partner with Musk to force a sale, make changes in the executive ranks or push for other overhauls of the company.

So clearly this isn’t a passing thing with Musk. He’s clearly in it to win. The question is, can he actually pull it off?

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