Aura Frames Has A New App Feature Just In Time For Mother’s Day

Culture, art – and all of our photos – are increasingly living on our devices. Aura is the connection between digital and physical, giving dedicated space at home to enjoy our most precious memories. Aura is the connected photo frame that makes it easy to instantly frame photos from anywhere – and invite your favorite people to enjoy and share theirs. It’s like a private family network for the people you want to share more with.

A highly requested feature from Aura customers for sharing older photos — we’re launching a photo scanner directly in the Aura app. While most will use this feature to bring printed photos into the digital age to share with family – especially those of mom through the years an Aura frame with the in-app scanner also can be used to easily save and share the growing collection of kids’ artwork coming home every week — allowing you to throw it away... guilt-free.

This feature is launching April 19 and here are a few details:

  • Free update for all Aura customers globally on iOS (iOS 13+) only with Android to quickly follow.
  • In the Aura app, select “Add Photos” and tap the scan icon in the upper right corner.
  • Scan multiple photos, adjust for color (photos or documents/art), crop, and add date information to archive the memory. Slight enhancements will account for angles/adjustments. Once on the frame, adjust position if needed.
  • Photos! Great for older printed photos you wish to share with family.
  • Kid’s Art! Also helps parent’s declutter their kid’s art. Once scanned, display at home, share with grandparents, or even put a dedicated art frame in your kids’ room.

Finally, here’s some Mother’s Day Deals that started on April 15 and running through May 8:

  • Carver Luxe – $199 (reg. $229)
  • Mason – $229 (reg. $259)
  • Mason Luxe – $289 (reg. $319)
  • Smith – $449 (reg. $539)

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