Review: DeltaHub Carpio 2.0

Here’s a fun fact. Using a mouse can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. And anyone reading this blog likely uses a mouse. Thus you’re all at risk. But DeltaHub claims to have a solution to that problem. It’s an ergonomic wrist rest called the Carpio 2.0. And the unboxing experience is one of the better ones that I have seen lately.

You get this rather plain box when you get the Carpio 2.0 delivered to you. But when you open it that’s when the magic happens.

The box slides open and you not only see your Carpio 2.0 along with a bag and in an Apple like move, a DeltaHub sticker, but at the top there’s instructions on how to use it properly, but there’s a QR code that takes you to this YouTube video:

I give DeltaHub major points for trying really hard to make sure that the Carpio 2.0 is used correctly as I can see it getting a rather negative reputation if they didn’t try this hard. That effort is going to result in high rates of customer satisfaction.

The Carpio 2.0 is available in left and right hand models in large and small sizes. How do you know what size you are? This video will help you with that:

One other thing I should note, if black isn’t your thing, they do come in white and grey. And they have replaceable pads in a bunch of colours that you can choose from. That way you can get the look that you want.

My wife and I got one large and one small Carpio 2.0. Both for our right hands. And I have to say that they arrived quickly. As in we ordered them on a Wednesday and got them on a Saturday. That is impressive.

This is what it looks like when I am using it:

Now about the ability for the Carpio 2.0 to glide with your hand. You mileage may vary with that. If you have a mouse pad or you’re just using a hard desk, that’s 100% true. On my desk pad which is made of vegan leather, not so much. At least, not until I made a minor adjustment to the height of my armrest on my office chair. Then I was good to go. Even if I didn’t do that, it’s far from a deal breaker for me as I have the DPI cranked up on my Kensington Mouse so much that I can control it by making subtle movements of my hand. Now it took me about a day to get used to it, but now I use it consistently. I don’t feel any pressure points while using it and I don’t even think about using it now. As far as I am concerned, this appears to be a total win.

The going price for these is €29,90 with discounts if you buy more than one. After using the Carpio 2.0 for a few days, I’m glad that my wife suggested that we get these. And I’m sure my right wrist will be thankful as well.

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