TELUS Donates 5% Of Its Pre-Tax Profits) And 1.3 Million Volunteer Hours To Build Stronger, Healthier Communities

As the most giving company, and most valuable, respected and trusted telco brand in Canada, TELUS continues to demonstrate that as a business grows, so too should its positive impact. Last year alone, TELUS, its team members and retirees, gave $90 million, approximately 5% of its pre-tax profits, in cash, in-kind contributions, time and programs, providing critical support to more than 4,000 charitable and community organizations, and volunteered over 1.3 million hours, more than any other company in Canada. For more than 22 years, TELUS has been leading in social capitalism, enabling human connections, bridging digital media divides, revolutionizing healthcare, giving back to communities, transforming the global food system and leading in sustainability. Since 2000, TELUS has led with purpose, gifting $1.4 billion, including $900 million and 1.8 million days of volunteerism.

Throughout 2021, TELUS supported various initiatives, addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges:  

  • Expanding the reach of its Connecting for Good programs, bridging digital divides and ensuring equal access to technology for low income families, students, seniors, people with disabilities, youth exiting foster care and Indigenous women at risk of or experiencing violence. Since its inception, TELUS’ Connecting for Good programs have supported 250,000 marginalized individuals with free or subsidized Internet and/or mobility services.
  • Deploying four new mobile health clinics in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Victoria, Toronto and Niagara region as part ofTELUS Health for Good. This program delivers primary and mental health care to marginalized individuals, including people experiencing homelessness, across 22 communities in Canada, and has supported over 100,000 patient visits since inception, including the delivery of over 30,000 COVID-19 assessments, tests and vaccinations. 
  • Becoming the first technology company in Canada to launch a public Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan including the launch of the TELUS Indigenous Communities Fund, which offers grants up to $50,000, supporting Indigenous-led organizations focused on well-being, cultural revitalization, and access to education. 
  • Leading in sustainability, including providing $1.8 million in cash, in-kind contributions, time and programs to charities and community organizations that support the environment, including Nature Conservancy of Canada and Tree Canada. 
  • Committing $1.5 million, including $500,000 of in-kind support in health, network and community services to support British Columbia following the unprecedented flooding that sent the province into a state of emergency.

Year round, the TELUS team is giving back and driving change in communities around the globe, including recently contributing nearly $4M to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, in collaboration with TELUS Friendly Future Foundation. To continue the momentum, throughout the month of May, TELUS is celebrating its 17th annual TELUS Days of Giving, where more than 60,000 TELUS team members and retirees around the world will mobilize to give back in their local communities. From cleaning local shorelines, donating blood, supporting neighbourhood food banks, or planting a tree, TELUS employees, retirees, and their families, are committed to helping create positive change in communities big and small. 

To learn more about how TELUS is helping create a friendlier future for all, visit

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