Google releases 2021 Ads Safety Report

Today, Google released the 2021 edition of their annual Ads Safety Report. With user safety a top priority, the report showcases the work Google is doing to improve user privacy in digital advertising across Google’s advertising ecosystem – in order to protect users and curb bad practices by malicious actors. In fact, Google tripled the number of advertising  account suspensions in 2021.

The 2021 edition of the annual Ads Safety report provides an overview of the scale of enforcement actions taken by Google on key areas such as fraudulent ads and advertising accounts, misinformation and brand safety for advertisers. 

Key insights from the 2021 Ads Safety Report:

  • Ad takedown and account suspensions – In 2021, Google took down 3.4 billion bad ads and suspended nearly 5.6 million advertiser accounts
  • COVID- 19 – Since the beginning of the pandemic, Google blocked over 106 million ads from running that violated our policies against harmful health claims related to COVID-19. 
  • Responding to the war in Ukraine – Google blocked over 8 million ads in accordance to their Sensitive Events policy and removed ads from more than 60 state funded media sites across our platforms. 

To stay ahead of potential advertising threats, Google continues to evolve their policy development and enforcement strategies to offset the trend of online abuse and to help foster a sustainable ecosystem for businesses that rely on advertising to scale and reach new customers.

Here are links to the Ads Safety Report and blog post for your reading pleasure.

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