Musk’s Pitch Deck For His Twitter Takeover Leaks

This has to be embarrassing for Elon Musk who at this point is the de facto owner of Twitter. It seems that his pitch deck recently leaked, revealing what Musk wants to do with Twitter beyond just making it “the platform for free speech around the globe”. The New York Times (via Tesla North) has details, but let’s bullet point them right now:

  • Quintuple Revenue to $26.4 Billion by 2028
  • Hit 931 Million Total Users by 2028
  • Job Cuts and Hiring Waves. I spoke about the former here.
  • A secret project of some sort that will launch in 2023 and have 9 million users by the end of year one.

And if that wasn’t enough, he said this on…. Twitter:

If I’m a Twitter employee, this does not inspire confidence. Especially given that because of the pandemic, companies who want to retain talent are doing everything possible to create a healthy work/life balance for employees. Thus the leaking of this pitch deck might send people running to the exits to so that they can be someplace else when he takes over.

I really don’t see how any of this will be possible. But I am an IT Nerd, not an entrepreneur. Thus I may be missing something. Which will make seeing if Musk can pull this off (or not) something to watch.

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