WARNING: A New Text Message #SCAM Involving Scotiabank Is Making The Rounds

The scumbags that want to use nefarious means to separate you from your money clearly aren’t taking this Mother’s Day off. I say that because I just got this text message on my iPhone:

I have left the phone number in so that if you get this text, you can compare it to my picture. Though the scammers may change this at any time. In any case, it claims to be from Scotiabank, but it’s not really from Scotiabank as the website that the text is asking you to go to is “myscotia-mobilealerts.com” which isn’t a domain that Scotiabank would ever use. In fact, if you do a Whois lookup on the domain, you get this:

The scammer has used a service called Privacy Guardian to hide their identity. Scotiabank (or any other bank, company, etc) would ever do that. That’s a big hint that this domain isn’t legitimate. Also if you look at the creation date, it was created a few days ago. Another big hint that this website isn’t legitimate as companies have domains for years and not days.

Because I like to go down the rabbit hole in order to educate my readers on how to avoid these scams, I clicked on the link, which is something that you should never do, and got this:

This has phishing scam written all over it. As in you put your bank login details into this website and the scammer then uses them to steal everything out of your bank accounts. The questionable grammar is the next big hint that this isn’t legitimate as companies take the time and effort to get that right, and scammers don’t. Take this for example:

Sent to [you]? #Fail.

Going further down the rabbit hole I get this when I click on “Verify Account”:

This is a very, very good replication of the actual Scotiabank login page. You can compare the picture above to the actual Scotiabank login page by clicking here. Clearly this is where the scammers invested their time and effort.

I didn’t go any further as it is clear that this is a phishing scam. As usual, I’ll be alerting Scotiabank to this so that they can take action against the scammers however they can. In the meantime, this is proof positive that you need to have your head in the came by constantly being on the look out for scams like these. Because they can literally come from anywhere and if you’re not careful, it could cost you a pile of money.

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