Jetstack launches industry-first toolkit to reduce software supply chain risk

Jetstack, a cloud native products and strategic consulting company, today announced the availability of an easy-to-use, interactive and comprehensive toolkit for securing modern software development. The web-based resource is open for anyone to use and is designed to help organizations evaluate and plan the crucial steps they need to tackle active software supply chain security. Software supply chain security has become an increasingly critical issue for all organizations. After the attack against Solar Winds at the end of 2020 which affected over 1800 companies, software supply chain attacks increased over 300 percent  in 2021.

The Software Supply Chain toolkit is a practical resource that consolidates advice and recommendations from multiple frameworks and whitepapers that each provide comprehensive guidance for software supply chain security including: 

The toolkit presents the guidance from these frameworks broken down into four key areas: build pipelines, source code, provenance and deployment. Recommendations from each section include insights on priority and complexity along with links to the original open source toolsets that can help with that specific recommendation. 

Jetstack, a Venafi company, is a cloud native products and strategic consulting company working with enterprises using Kubernetes and OpenShift. Venafi is the cybersecurity market leader and innovator in machine identity management.

An open source pioneer, Jetstack has achieved notable industry recognition as the creator of cert-manager which is the open source industry standard for cloud native machine identity management. Jetstack’s open source solutions and products protect the application environments and platform infrastructure of global banks, multinational retailing companies and defense organizations. 

Venafi and Jetstack are pioneers of enterprise machine identity security, and Jetstack provides enterprise platform and security teams the power to build, scale and secure their cloud native infrastructure for advanced developer automation, workload security and application innovation.

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