The Five Eyes Issues Warning To MSPs And Their Customers

If you use a MSP or Managed Service Provider to assist you in managing your IT infrastructure, or you are a MSP, you should pay attention to this. Members of the Five Eyes (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand) today warned that managed service providers (MSPs) and their customers are being increasingly targeted by supply chain attacks. Multiple cybersecurity and law enforcement agencies have shared guidance for MSPs to secure networks and sensitive data against these rising cyber threats. 

Aimei Wei, CTO and Founder of Stellar Cyber had this comment:

“Attackers are more and more targeting organizations that have a cascading effect, and one compromise allows them to gain access to a large number of organizations. Sunburst supply chain attack and now the MSP targeted attacks are some of the examples.” 

“Implementing the measures and recommended by CISA and following their guidance to harden the MSP environment and increase the security posture, will greatly reduce the chances of getting compromised. It is especially critical for MSP to be able to detect the attack early and stop it before it spreads and cause more damages. MSP should consider implementing a detection and response system that:

  • Detect early signs and stop it before further progression to minimize the damage
  • Show a clear picture of how it happened to conclusively determine that the attack has been contained
  • Show how far it has gone and understand the impact to determine the customers that are impacted quickly”

Saumitra Das, CTO and Co-founder of Blue Hexagon adds this comment:

“MSPs are typically given a lot of privileges on their customer networks. They can be a portal for attackers to get into victim networks such as what happened in the Kaseya attack. Organizations that use MSPs should be vigilant about their MSPs’ security posture and assess the risk of what happens if the MSP software is compromised. Convenience often means the MSPs get a lot of privileges for remote maintenance and this convenience can increase the chance of a supply chain attack escalating into a victim network.”

Finally, Christopher Prewitt who is the Chief Technology Officer of MRK Technologies had this to say:

“Managed Service Providers are always under attack. They are often primarily focused on IT operations and service desk related services, and usually do not have a depth of knowledge or capability in cyber security practices. As an attacker, if I can breach and impact an MSP, my impact has an exponential outcome. We continue to see this IT supply chain be targeted through Kaseya and MSP’s.”

This warning is worth reading as it has a lot of recommendations to protect against attacks. Thus I would put aside time to read and implement these recommendations.

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