Ninety Percent Of Canadian Organizations indicate That They Have Experienced A Cyberattack In The Past Year: CDW Canada

CDW Canada today launched its annual Security Study, Advancing the Maturity of Canadian Organizations, which explores the state of IT security in Canada and evaluates the top cybersecurity challenges facing Canadian organizations today. The report uncovered that as the cybersecurity threat landscape evolves, Canadian organizations have become over-exposed to cyberattacks.   

CDW’s Security Study revealed regardless of size, industry or location, 90 percent of Canadian organizations surveyed have experienced a cyberattack in the past year. As cyberattacks increase in frequency, sophistication and severity, more organizations are taking a Zero-Trust approach to security.  

Additional highlights from the report include:   

  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of Canadian companies surveyed reported having experienced data infiltration attacks with ransom demands in the past year, and 76% reported repeat ransom demands. 
  • 30% of organizations have adopted Zero Trust, while another 40% have it under process.    

There are many more findings outlined in the report, which can be accessed here. It’s very much worth a read.

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