Horizon3.ai Intros NodeZero App For Splunkbase & Offers Free Trial

Horizon3.ai introduced the NodeZero app for Splunk, available via Splunkbase. It enables Splunk environments to leverage NodeZero and the attacker’s perspective to improve the effectiveness of Splunk deployments and ensure they’re logging the right data to get the most out of Splunk. 

The NodeZero app for Splunk can automate data pulls from NodeZero APIs which are then ingested into the Splunk Cloud Platform. The app will integrate with the Splunk user experience to help users: 

  • Find, fix, and verify logging blind spots
  • Decide where to increase and decrease logging based on the criticality of the host
  • Take inventory of assets and reconcile the attacker’s perspective of your cyber terrain

Splunk administrators are often under pressure to maximize their license value – it’s often impossible to log everything, so it’s hard to know if they are expending resources appropriately to ensure they’re logging the right data. NodeZero can help identify where logging is most needed, so that the organization’s resources are deployed for maximum impact.

NodeZero maintains an action log of every command it has executed during a pentest. The NodeZero App for Splunk offers insights to identify blind spots in logging and create a fast feedback loop to find, fix, and verify missing data by using the action log to highlight what should have been detected when particular exploits were executed.

Identifying critical hosts: Not all hosts are critical. Some are important enough to log everything, while others may not have access to data or critical systems and thus have less requirements for logging. NodeZero is able to identify risk on specific hosts with context. For ExampleA “low” criticality server in the CMDB might have enabled an attack path where NodeZero ultimately achieved Domain Admin – NodeZero would dynamically reclassify this host as CRITICAL risk based on the proven attack path and impact during a pentest operation. It lets organizations leverage the attacker’s perspective provided by NodeZero to inform their Splunk logging strategy.

Revealing “ghost hosts” & shadow IT: NodeZero inventories every reachable host within the organization’s environment during a pentest. This can often easily reveal a blind spot: are all those hosts seen in Splunk Cloud Platform? Often organizations will find hosts they didn’t know existed, were unaware had been added, or even rogue devices that aren’t known to anyone (shadow IT). The app lets users reconcile NodeZero-discovered hosts with existing IT assets in Splunk – marrying the traditional and the attacker’s perspectives to achieve greater insight.

Horizon3.ai is also offering a free trial of the NodeZero App for Splunk.

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