BlackFog June Global Ransomware Report Released

BlackFog has today released the latest Monthly Global Ransomware Report. Each month, BlackFog continuously monitors and tracks the latest threats to enterprises, infrastructure and more. Key takeaways from this report include:

  1. They saw a record number of reported attacks in June up from our previous high in February, a 10% total increase.
  2. The most dramatic changes in June saw increases in the attacks on Education, Government and Manufacturing of 33%, 25% and 24% respectively. This reinforces our previous assessment that gangs are more focused on soft targets with a lack of cybersecurity investment and infrastructure.
  3. Attack variants also saw some major changes this month with a renewed focus on Vice Society, BlackCat and Hive with increases of 50%, 30% and 30% respectively.
  4. They also saw a large shift in data exfiltration in June with large increases in exfiltration to Russia and China which now represent 45% of all exfiltration globally.

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of BlackFog had this commentary:

     “In June, we recorded 31 publicly disclosed ransomware attacks, the most we’ve seen this year so far. South Africa’s largest supermarket chain made news when they were hit by the RansomHouse criminal gang, and one of Brazil’s largest retail chains, Fast Shop was also hit. The BlackCat gang claimed an attack on the University of Pisa hitting them with a $4.5 million ransom, while Brooks County in Texas admitted to paying their ransom with taxpayer dollars.”

Today’s full report is available here.

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