netTALK Appears To Be Down…. Maybe For The Count [UPDATE: Fixed]

Earlier today I got a call from a client saying that their netTALK Duo was not connecting to the Internet. After arriving and having a look, it became clear that this was a netTALK issue. And that was further confirmed when I tried to log into the netTALK website to log a support ticket:

To me this looked like a larger issue. I then took to Twitter to see if I could reach them, but I didn’t get a response. Thus I posted this:

And I am not the only one seeing this:

There’s only two reasons why this is happening:

  • netTALK is having an issue that took them offline completely.
  • netTALK has gone under. Given their past history, this would not surprise me.

I tried to reach out to Nick Kryikides who is the COO of netTALK for comment. But I got this response instead (click to enlarge):

So it sounds like this is the former. But I will only believe that when they come back online.

Updates to come.

UPDATE: This is now fixed with no explanation from the company as to what happened.

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