Research On Lilith Ransomware Released

Researchers at Cyble have released new research on Lilith, a new ransomware that has already posted its first victim on a data leak site created to support double-extortion attacks. Lilith, discovered by JAMESWT, was designed for 64-bit versions of Windows.

Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog had this comment:

     “Double extortion is the new norm for all these new variants. We are seeing very few perform encryption as in the past and highlights the need for tools that focus on data exfiltration as the main mechanism of action. We have also seen a dramatic rise in attacks on sectors with the weakest security and investments such as Education, Government and Manufacturing with a 33%, 25% and 24% increase in attacks during June  (”

Given the fact that threat actors have evolved into blackmail artists, you need to ensure that your security is on point so that you avoid becoming the next headline.

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