Native Voice and Skullcandy Reveal New Multi-Assistant Functionality For Push Active And Grind Series

Native Voice, an on-demand voice assistant library that enables users to communicate directly by voice with their favorite brands, announced at Amazon’s Alexa Live 2022 today a partnership with Skullcandy that will allow their Push Active and Grind Series customers to have their devices upgraded to include multi-simultaneous wake word functionality.

Native Voice’s technology deployed on Skullcandy’s Push Active and Grind Series will provide hands-free access to multiple branded voice services, including Alexa. These are the first Skullcandy devices to feature both Alexa and the Skullcandy assistant simultaneously, in addition to other voice commands from other well-known brands.

During the launch of Skullcandy’s Skull-iQ technology in September last year, it was evident that increasing access to services via hands-free voice control was a strategic priority. With Skull-iQ technology, a variety of products will be launched, which will include Native Voice and, through it, direct access to Alexa, as well as branded voice assistants and experiences. The ability to access these voice services on the Push Active and Grind Series will be available to customers in a number of countries worldwide.

Skullcandy customers will be able to choose which voice services will be most suitable for their lifestyle and needs. Skullcandy provides easy control of various devices with play, pause, and answering or rejecting calls. Alexa offers a wide range of voice requests such as getting a recipe for your favorite dessert, checking the score for a sports game, providing a weather status update, and more. 

The Native Voice updates for Push Active and Grind users are expected by the end of 2022.

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