Get Your Messiest with Taco Bell Canada and Twitch

Things are about to get messy with Taco Bell Canada and Twitch. During July and August, three Canadian Twitch Streamers—Mtashed,TheStefSanjati, and DeadlyCreatorYT— are getting downright messy with Taco Bell Canada by giving away a bib adorned with taco remnants to their followers.

Twitch Streamers will create their own art made entirely of taco toppings—the sauciest of sauces and the cheesiest of cheeses—by wearing a canvas bib that collects their taco drippings as they stream online to thousands of followers. 

Viewers who take part in the streams can donate Bites, gift Subs or spam Taco Bell emotes to be entered to win a grand prize—their favourite streamer’s bib (food scraps, stains, and all) sealed and framed, along with all the fixings needed to create their very own beautiful mess.  

To watch Mtashed create his bib in real time, check out his Twitch stream here, or tune into the below Livestreams:

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