Agari & PhishLabs Released Their Threat Trends & Intelligence Report

Agari by HelpSystems and PhishLabs by HelpSystems have released the results of their latest Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report.

In Q2, Agari and PhishLabs analyzed hundreds of thousands of phishing and social media attacks targeting enterprises, their employees, and brands. This report uses the data from those attacks to present key trends shaping the threat landscape.

Key highlights include:

  • Phishing is Steadily on the Rise: Phishing attacks are up nearly 6% in Q2 from Q1 2022
  • Social Media is an Accessible and Preferred Threat Channel: Social media attacks have increased more than 100% in a year
  • Response-Based Phishing Continues to Climb: Response-Based threats targeting corporate inboxes reached the highest volume since 2020
  • Emotet Leads Ransomware Payloads: Emotet has fully recovered, representing nearly 50% of all malware payload attacks in Q2
  • Hybrid Vishing Attack Volume Trending Up:Hybrid Vishing attacks have increased 625% in volume since Q1 2021
  • O365 Credentials Coveted by Criminals: Nearly 60% of credential theft phishing attacks targeted O365 credentials in Q2

You can read the report here.

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