Another Text Messaging #Scam For You To Be Aware Of

I was alerted to this scam a couple of months ago. But I forgot about it until a reader of this blog alerted me to a version of this scam today. Thus in the interest of making sure that the readers of this blog are aware of new scams that are out there, I’m writing about it today.

I have to admit that on one hand it is kind of lame. But on the other hand I can see how it might be effective as it might tempt you to engage with the threat actor. It starts out with the text message:

Now if it were me, I’d delete this text message. But I can see a scenario where someone might reply and engage with the threat actor. Thus confirming to the threat actor that they have a live person and facilitating the threat actor an opportunity to try and carry out the scam. Here’s another screenshot that was sent to me by a client of mine where they did respond before thinking twice about doing so and emailing me for help:

The next thing that happened is that the initial message was followed up with a link which likely would take you to a phishing site where I am guessing that whomever is behind this scam will try to get you to hand over your banking details. In the case of my client, I didn’t get the link that they were sent. And fortunately for them, they did not click on the link. Which for the record you should never, ever do. Thus I was unable to test the link out and go down the rabbit hole to understand the scam in greater detail like I normally do with scams that are brought to my attention. But that seems like a likely hypothesis.

Based on my research, this scam has been going since April of this year and is still ongoing. Thus I would say that if you get a text that looks like the examples above, your best defence is to not respond to the text and delete it.

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