94% of CDOs Say That Data Privacy Tech Would Increase Revenues: TripleBlind

TripleBlind today released survey findings showing 94% of CDOs surveyed from healthcare organizations and financial services firms agree that deploying data privacy technology which enforces existing data privacy regulations would result in increased revenue for their organization.

Mark Bower, VP of Product, Anjuna Security:

     “Gone are the days of set and forget on a privacy compliance assessment: organizations have to balance responsible data collection to amplify business for shareholder value, while balancing risk of data leakage or inappropriate access that is naturally amplified by cloud adoption and data sharing. However, newer data security and privacy enhancing technologies must also be embraced to protect consumer data during use – such as confidential computing which is quickly finding a role in solving complex problems of separating data from unauthorised users, the clouds own IT, insiders, and attackers while enabling workload use. This new approach allows enterprises to share and collaborate on vast amounts of data, enabling outcomes and insights without exposing each parties own highly prized data assets including customer data, AI/ML models, Intellectual property – far more than just regulated data. This is a win-win for the CISO, business and customers, and available now in every major cloud provider.”

I read the report and this might mark a change in how data privacy is perceived. It’s now clearly seen as a must for business. That’s a good thing as that’s going to make us all safer.

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