Things Have Just Got Much Worse For Bell Media As They Have No Strategy To Deal With The Mess That They Are In

Yesterday, when I posted a story on long standing claims of racism, sexual harassment and bullying at Bell Media, I said this:

Bell Media had a PR crisis on its hands last week when they fired LaFlamme. But with this report and the continued blowback, we’ve gone far beyond that now. I’m not sure what Bell Media’s strategy to deal with this is, or if they even have one. But I would say that they need one ASAP or this will get out of control and end very, very badly for them.

I think we might be seeing the start of that strategy. And it doesn’t look good. Wade Oosterman is the President of Bell Media and Vice Chair of Bell Canada Enterprises which is the parent company of Bell Media. For reasons I don’t fully understand, he just called out a prominent Canadian labour lawyer named Paul Champ on Twitter:

You’d think that given the fact that Paul Champ is a really prominent labour lawyer in Canada which makes him really easy to find, that Oosterman would just dial the guy up or email him. What’s up with doing this over Twitter? Is that truly the best that Bell Media can do?

Champ in his reply highlights that oddity:

If this is Bell Media’s strategy to deal with this PR mess, then they’re in bigger trouble than I thought as this is a strategy that is doomed to fail. And why would the clients of Champ reach out to Oosterman to share their concerns with him? If they’re so troubled by what’s going on in Bell Media that they’ve reached out a lawyer to represent them, there’s zero chance that they’ll talk to Bell Media.

Clearly, Bell Media is just swinging for the fences here to borrow a baseball term. What they need is a coherent strategy to address the accusations that have appeared over the last few days that gives the public confidence in them. But this isn’t it. And I suspect that this is only going to get worse for Bell Media.

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