BlackFog August State Of Ransomware Report Released

BlackFog has released the August State of Ransomware Report. You can read the report here. And I have commentary from Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of BlackFog:

     “August represents the second biggest month of ransomware attacks since we began recording ransomware attacks back in 2020. 

We continue to see increased attack rates in sectors with low levels of protection and aging infrastructure such Education and Government, with increases of 15% and 20% respectively. This month we also saw dramatic increases in Healthcare and Services sectors of 33% and 35% respectively as attackers look to broaden their targets.

Lockbit continued its dominance along with Conti at 14% and 16.5% respectively. The top 4 variants now contribute to 50% of all new attacks.

Lastly, this month we also saw that attacks leveraging the PowerShell for the first time hit 80%, a new record.”

I would give this report a read as it illustrates what those in on cybersecurity teams have to defend against.

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