Guest Post: Over 45% of Gen Zers are victims of cyberbullying

Bullying has been a part of us for ages. The youngest generation started using computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices to threaten or harass others. According to the data presented by the Atlas VPN team, over 45% of Gen Zers are victims of cyberbullying.

In January 2014, 34.6% of teens experienced cyberbullying. Next year, in 2015, the percentage of cyberbullied students slightly decreased to 34%. For the third year in a row, in 2016, the lifetime cyberbullying victimization rate remained similar, decreasing minimally to 33.6%.

After 3 years, in 2019, another survey revealed that the percentage of teens experiencing cyberbullying increased to 36.5%. The latest statistics from 2021 showed a 25% increase in cyberbullying since 2019, reaching a 45.5% victimization rate. In addition, 23.2% admitted they had been cyberbullied in the last 30 days.

Despite the increase in cyberbullying victims, fewer Gen Zers admitted to cyberbullying others over the recent years. In 2019, 14.8% of students offended someone online, while 6.3% did so in the past 30 days. In the study from 2021, 14.4% revealed they had cyberbullied others during their lifetime, while 4.9% acknowledged doing so in the previous 30 days.

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