Zoho Continues Growth In Canada With New Office in Cornwall, Ontario

Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, announced today the opening of its new office in Cornwall, Ontario. This new office will build on Zoho’s regional Canadian approach to sales, support, marketing, and partner management—including bilingual sales and marketing—to facilitate a greater regional understanding of the specific needs of local customers, and to create closer relationships with surrounding businesses.

Zoho’s success in Canada has seen 35% and 15% growth in revenue and customers, respectively, and the company plans to expand the Cornwall office as those numbers rise.

Zoho’s Proven Philosophy: Transnational Localism

The new Cornwall office is part of Zoho’s global Transnational Localism strategy, which was first introduced more than 10 years ago as a means to create self-reliant local communities and economies. Since then, the initiative has grown to include new global offices, local hiring, partnerships with local organizations and government bodies to lower the technology adoption barrier for businesses, upskilling courses in association with educational institutes, language localization including RTL support for languages, and local pricing for several countries. 

This new Cornwall office is part of the Transnational Localism hub-and-spoke model, with larger offices serving as a hub to several dozen small spoke offices located in rural areas and towns around the world. This method of growth allows employees, like those in Cornwall, to stay in their hometowns and contribute to their local community while working for a leading, globally recognized technology company.

In the last two years, Zoho has opened 59 hub-and-spoke offices, improving access to both software and localized Zoho support. In addition to aggressive expansion into new territories and markets, including Canada, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, Zoho has announced plans to add 100 new small-scale offices in rural districts across India in the next few years.

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