Time to Market Trumps Deploying Secure Apps, Developers Push Vulnerable Code to Keep Up: Invicti

Today, Invicti Chief Security Strategist Sonali Shah and ESG Analyst Melinda Marks published a new report, “Automated Application Security Testing for Faster Development”.

The report describes how:

  • With the move to the cloud, organizations need a seamless solution that gives them protection and coverage for all of their applications, not just certain business-critical applications. Otherwise, simple coding mistakes can leave them vulnerable to attacks that could compromise company or customer data.
  • A leading television service network serving 26 million viewers has deployed Invicti to help them deliver secure applications on time, enabling them to innovate while protecting information collected online, particularly the personally identifiable information (PII) of viewers and staff, as well as its own company data and intellectual property.
  • A global travel and vacations company uses Invicti to cost-effectively automate security testing for applications across its portfolio of companies, enabling developers to fix security issues within their workflows.
  • Invicti customers also reported time and cost savings with fewer security incidents and teams working more efficiently with security integrated with developer workflows.

The full report can be found here: https://www.invicti.com/clp/automated-application-security/.

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