Review: ESR iPhone 14 Pro Metal Kickstand Case

It’s iPhone season and as is typically the case, I’ve got a few cases to review. The first one is the ESR iPhone 14 Pro Metal Kickstand Case. Let’s dive in so that I can show you what this case offers.

From the front, the case has a lip to make sure that the phone’s screen doesn’t touch any hard surface. At this point, there’s nothing remarkable here. So let’s look at the back.

There’s a significant amount of protection for the camera module at the top. But at the bottom, there’s a metal kickstand. I’ll get to that in a second, but let’s look a the protection for the camera module:

This feature is called Camera Guard and it gives you some space between the lenses and any surface so that you don’t scratch the lenses.

Here the kickstand in landscape and I have to admit that this is a really cool feature. It really feels premium and locks into place, or you can adjust it to the exact angle that you need. It works in portrait or landscape and at no point did I feel that the phone was about to fall over. One added plus is that this kickstand combined with the camera module protection allow the iPhone 14 Pro to lay flat which fixes the main problem with the iPhone 14 models is that they won’t lay flat because of the camera module.

The case is made of shock-absorbing polymer. I haven’t dropped my iPhone 14 Pro yet so I cannot speak to how shock absorbing it is. But I can say that ESR has tried to make this case something that will take a few hits.

These raised sections on the corners are designed to take a hit on the corners.

The buttons are built into the case and they don’t feel any different than the actual buttons on the phone.

The case is really easy to hold. While the sides are mostly smooth, the back has ridges. I wish that the sides did have ridges to ensure that the phone would stay in your hands if they’re sweaty or have hand cream. But having said that, I didn’t have any concerns about the phone slipping out of my hands. The case is thin and doesn’t make your iPhone 14 feel bulky which is a win.

ESR advertises this as “wireless charging ready”. I tested this case with a couple wireless chargers and there were no issues. I also tested it with MagSafe and that worked as well. But it failed my “hang by a MagSafe charger” test as there are no MagSafe magnets that I can see.

The only con that I have is that the case picks up fingerprints. Lots of fingerprints. Thus you might want to opt for a colour other than black if that matters to you.

The ESR iPhone 14 Pro Metal Kickstand Case is $40.59 CAD and is available now. I really like this case and I would take a look at if you want a good quality case on your iPhone that gives you some cool option in terms of how it can be used.

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