Researchers Discover Netflix Spoof As Bad Actors Target Streaming Service Viewers to Steal PII: INKY

INKY has released the latest report in its phishing attack series, “Fresh Phish: Netflix Bad Actors Go Behind the Scenes to Stage a Credential Harvesting Heist.” The research reveals that INKY’s researchers have detected Netflix impersonated in a PII data harvesting campaign using malicious HTML attachments compressed in zip files to exploit end-users of the streaming service.

Bukar Alibe, a cybersecurity analyst at INKY, explores answers to the following questions in the new research:

  • How can just one click unzip a disastrous credential harvesting scheme?
  • Why does this phishing threat evade most email security services?
  • What techniques gave hackers a strategic advantage to trick victims?

You can read the report here and I would suggest that you set aside some time to have a look at the report as I got an advanced copy of it over the weekend and it makes for some interesting reading.

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