A New @Microsoft Email #Scam Is Making The Rounds

A new email scam that is likely a phishing scam that is using Microsoft as its hook is making the rounds. Here’s the email in question:

The first hint that this is a email scam is that this email does not fit Microsoft’s brand design. But there is a simpler way to tell that this is a email scam:

There’s looking at the email address. In this case, this did not come from Microsoft as this is not a Microsoft domain that is being used. That’s a #fail right out of the gate and should cause you to delete this email immediately.

Going further going down the rabbit hole, it references a Microsoft update. Specifically KB40341836081 which doesn’t exist. Microsoft update numbers are six digits at present and this one is way too long. The English is also horrible. Example “perhaps you may experience difficulties signing into your account following a restart or sign-out.”

It also encourages you to log into a website to fix this. And serves up a lot of technically incorrect information to push you to go to this website. It also tries to reassure you by saying that you don’t have to download anything which will reassure you that you won’t get infected by a virus or something. Finally, it offers a site where you can stop or change these “security alerts”. But that site isn’t actually a link so it’s just there to reassure you that this email is legit, which of course it isn’t.

As for the website that it takes you to, well I couldn’t get it to load. Perhaps it’s been taken out by Microsoft? Or maybe because I did this on a Mac it wouldn’t respond to me because it was looking for a PC to perhaps load malware on it? It’s hard to say.

Regardless, if you see this email show up in your inbox, delete it.

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