Review: Mujjo Full Leather Case For iPhone 14 Pro

I am someone who customizes the look of the tech depending on what I am doing. For example, if I am doing hiking or something athletic, then I want an iPhone case that is more protective. But if I am want an iPhone case with more style. For the latter use case, that’s where the Mujjo Full Leather Case For iPhone 14 Pro comes in. It will give me some style along with some protection. But let’s have a look at the case from the front and the back.

This fits the space black iPhone 14 Pro that I own. It’s made of vegetable-tanned Ecco leather which in colours other that black will age well. But in black I am unlikely to notice anything different about it unless I scratch it or something like that. Some observations include the fact that there is a 1mm raised leather bezel protects screen from abrasive surfaces. And on the back there’s a raised rear-camera bump protects the lenses. One advantage of this is that it allows the iPhone 14 Pro to sit flat on a table.

One very upscale touch is the addition of metal buttons which works very well.

The inside of the case has Japanese microfibre which gives it a really upscale feel. You’ll also note the MagSafe circle for quick and easy wireless charging. And the magnet strength was great as it passed my “hang from a MagSafe charger” test with flying colours. I should note that in my testing, regular wireless charging works fine too.

The embossed logo at the back is a nice touch.

Now I like the feel of this case. It’s thin and I have no problem holding the case. I also felt that it wasn’t going to slip out of my hand. Fingerprints are a total non-issue as well. As for drop protection, I would guess that this would allow your iPhone 14 to survive some types of drops. But I wouldn’t count on it to survive all sorts of drops. Now that’s not a negative at all because this case wasn’t designed to provide a lot of protection. Thus if you want a case that will give you some style for a hot date or an important business meeting, then the $77 CDN that this case costs is money well spent.

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