Anand Sahay assumes Global role as Xebia’s CEO

Anand Sahay has been elevated as the new Global CEO at Xebia, the leading global IT consultancy Dutch firm, now headquartered in US.

Sahay joined Xebia in 2014 as CEO to take the company beyond Netherlands and co-founded Xebia Global Services. He is the force behind extending Xebia’s business into US, UK, Middle East Africa, APAC and ANZ regions in his role as CEO, Anand will set the ground for Xebia’s next level of growth.

Global CEO of Xebia, Sahay, is a leader-entrepreneur. He has a sharp eye for the latest technologies and weaves unique service offerings around them to create innovative service-line products and tap potential markets. Moreover, collaborating with business leaders, he helps them solve critical problems. In his career, he has had exposure to a diverse range of organizations, functional groups and work cultures. He says these experiences and the people have made him the person and business leader that he is today.

Xebia, under Sahay’s stewardship, developed software engineering prowess to cater to the growing demands of global customers for quality software technology. Building on the architecture, engineering and software craftsmanship learned over the years in the Netherlands, he has brought a unique and refreshing blend of quality and scale. Sahay has led Xebia to be distinctive in the world and helped it to stand out from the other software firms globally.

At present, Xebia is more than 5000 -people-strong worldwide, including 3,000+ people across five centers in India. Xebia’s software adroitness covers every critical capability required to bring successful digital transformation programs for customersacross the world.

As an electronics engineer, Sahay started his career at TCS as a software programmer. He later completed his MBA and moved on to take various leadership roles in life. An avid reader and a philanthropist, Anand is committed to giving it back to the society and enabling people and the environment. A significant association includes The Nudge foundation that exists to alleviate poverty, sustainably, collaboratively and scalability. It has three impact streams to tackle the complex issue of poverty from multiple angles – Centre for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (CSDE), Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) & Centre for Rural Development (CRD). Anand is actively involved with The Nudge Foundation and travels across remote villages to be there for the cause. 

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