A Canada Post Email #Scam Is Making The Rounds

These email scams are multiplying like Rabbits. The latest one that I have for you involves Canada Post and looks like this when it hits your inbox:

Right off the bat, there’s no tracking number which should be the first hint that there’s something suspicious with this email. The other thing that should set off alarm bells is that it’s asking for payment “within 2 days prior to the validity period.” That’s not only to give the email a sense of urgency which will make you act upon it. But as usual, the English is poor. Finally, there’s this:

This isn’t sent by Canada Post as it clearly doesn’t come from a domain that is controlled by them.

All of this should say to you that you should delete this email upon receipt. But what is the scam that the email is trying to get you to fall for. Glad you asked. I tried to go down the rabbit hole on this one, but got nowhere as all this did was take me to a blank screen. So maybe this scam was shut down, or got shut down by the authorities. Either way, my guess is that given that the scammers were asking for payment to get your package, I am guessing that this was a scam to grab either your credit card details or banking details. Regardless, this is one email that you should instantly delete when you get it in your inbox.

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