MSFT Misses 42% Of Targeted Financial Based Phishing Attacks Designed To Bypass Defender: Avanan

In a recent report conducted by Avanan, A Check Point Company, researchers found that nearly 19% of phishing emails bypassed Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Defender and made it to a user’s inbox. This goes to show that even with a very strong security system, hackers’ tactics have become more complex and their ability to find their way into the inbox is stronger than ever.

In the 2022 Microsoft Defender Report, it highlights the significance of having an extra layer of security on top of default cloud email services. This represents not a decline in Microsoft effectiveness, but rather an increase in targeted attacks designed directly to bypass Microsoft. Hackers, in other words, have stepped up their game.

Key Findings:

  • Microsoft Defender’s missed phishing rates have increased by 74%.
  • Dumpster Diving Phenomen: Defender sends 7% of phishing messages to the Junk folder.
  • Misses 42% of targeted financial-based phishing attacks specifically crafted to bypass Defender. 
  • The missed phishing rate is higher in larger organizations, reaching 50-70% in two instances. 

You can read the report here.

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