Guest Post: Hacked TikTok Accounts Cost Less Than A McDonald’s Meal

Social network and entertainment accounts are increasingly finding a home in dark web marketplaces. Currently, the majority of darknet markets sell stolen identities. 

Social media profiles were by far the most abundantly available, and prices for hijacked accounts can start as low as $6.

Of course, you’ll have to enter the dark web to purchase these illicit things. The dark web is a network-encrypted environment that requires special software to access. Furthermore, most marketplaces require an invitation to enter. Cybercriminals use this method to shield themselves from unwanted attention.

Data presented by Atlas VPN was extracted from the dark web by Whizcase, between January 2022 and September 2022.

The cheapest hacked accounts were from Reddit, TikTok, and Pinterest, which cost $6, $8, and $9, respectively.

LinkedIn was found to be the most costly hijacked social profile, selling for roughly $45 per account. This is hardly unexpected, given that the website caters to a professional clientele.

Purchasing hacked accounts for all the most popular social media platforms would cost around $127. Costs will vary slightly depending on the marketplace.

Most vendors sell credentials in bulk, and it’s not uncommon to see an offer to purchase hundreds of thousands of accounts for a relatively small price. 

Illegal social media engagement services

Many hackers utilize hacked accounts to create “advanced bot farms” for social media engagement manipulation rather than selling their “treasure.”

The advantage of this method over putting up direct bot accounts is that the stolen accounts previously belonged to genuine individuals, making the manipulation operations considerably more difficult for social networks to identify.

According to analysis, purchasing social media engagement is relatively inexpensive. For about $25, one could purchase 1,000 Twitter retweets from what appear to be authentic accounts.

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