Singapore Announce Ransomware Task Force

Singapore has today announced the formation of an inter-agency ransomware task force which will pool representatives from different sectors to better tackle ransomware attacks aimed at businesses. The task force, set up earlier this year, will develop and make recommendations on possible policies, operational plans and capabilities to improve Singapore’s counter-ransomware efforts.

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of BlackFog had this to say:

     “Interconnectivity and alignment between government entities is paramount for any country, regardless of size, to establish a unified approach towards ransomware prevention. As noted by the Coordinating Minister for National Security, the attacks against Costa Rica served as a prime example of how quickly your entire nation can be undertaken from the swift actions of a skilled attacker. Moving forward, these targeted countries must not only focus on preventing ransomware as a whole, but on preventing sensitive data from being exfiltrated. We have seen time and time again how even when a ransomware attack is dealt with, once data has been stolen, the damage can perpetuate indefinitely.”

I think that this is a great move as one can respond better to these sorts of attacks if everybody is on the same page. I’ll be watching Singapore to see how well this works out.

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